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     Paceline Products was incorporated in 1993 to develop and market a skin lubricant and synthetic chamois conditioner.  The initial goal of the company was to make a non-greasy skin lubricant and chamois cream that would wash out of clothing and off skin with soap and water.  And so, Chamois Butt'r® was invented.  It was available to racing cyclists on a very limited basis until 1997.  Chamois Butt'r® was introduced to consumers and retailers regionally in 1997.  The popularity of Chamois Butt'r® has been a key part of our success. We also distribute other manufacturers' products that are unique or the best quality product available in their category.  We distribute products we like to use and want to make available to other cyclists and runners.  These products include Halo Headband, Boeshield Lubricant Products, Sticky Pod and EverClear, Buh-Bump, Leg Lube, ARI Live to Explore, and Ryder/Slug Plug.
     Paceline Products has grown steadily over the years and has experienced exponential growth since 2004.  The number of retailers and consumers we provide products to continues to grow each year as well.  In 2005, we moved from Liberty, MO to a 5,000 sq ft office and warehouse space at 6608 Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO.  In May 2010 we moved to our current 10,000 sq ft office and warehouse location at 6607 Royal Street, Pleasant Valley, MO.  With our centralized location in the Northland of Kansas City, MO metro area, we are able to ship to all our retailers in the continental USA within 2-3 days.
     In order to best serve our retailers and end-users, Paceline Products sells to retailers throughout the USA and to international distributors in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. For a complete list, click this link for International Distributor Contact Information

      Our products are readily available through brick and mortar bicycle retailers and web retailers nationwide.  If your local bike store does not carry the products you want, have them visit our website or call us.  Many of our retailers provide mail order and internet sales service for your convenience.

     Thank you very much for interest in our company and products.  Your patronage and support allow us to provide the great products you see on our website.